Monday, April 24, 2006


Ok here is a background, somewhere along the way I started receiving these e-mails from this dating service. When you open it, it had about 5-6 photos of women, each with a small profile next to it. I am addicted to reading these profiles. It is simply amazing how people see themselves. It amazing how everyone describes and for all I know possess the exact same qualities as the person in the photo above them on the page. Its not only how they describe themselves, ("nice", "out going", "dendrophiliac"), its not only that. Its how they order the things that describe them, maybe someone will list their religious beliefs, maybe one will throw down her exact dimensions. Which gives way to my point. It is far to easy to sum these people up, or perhaps it’s a generation expat, finally discovering the one dimensional nature of his generation. We are slipping behind the glow of this screen and becoming whoever, whenever and whatever we want by a placement of words. It is the wave of the future, life, natural living life will cohabited the mechanical world. And it will be monumentous. It will make us as humans living Gods. Surpassing our designed life cycle, conquering the depths of space. Almost getting a little Orwell there..oops. It is natural, and it is evolution. But at what cost.

Lost my train...... it’s a speedy locomotive.


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